Quay Matthew Films


Just an honest opinion of myself…. i’m not that interesting, but for some reason I meet and become friends with the most interesting people. So maybe I do have a bit of intrigue? Who knows… Anyways, here are a few things I love:

  • My family. Notably my wife Ellen Ashton… she is my inspiration and makes me want to be the best artist and creative I can.

  • My faith. I am deeply moved by what God has done for me through Christ and his work on my behalf.

  • Coffee. This in itself is its own art form that I dabble in and am by all accounts an amateur. I am fascinated with the entire coffee growing and brewing process.

  • Film. Aka making videos. Aka what this website is about. I have countless times told Ellen how much pleasure I get when a project comes together. It is an awesome way for me to do this thing we call art.

  • I honestly have many others things that intrigue me that I doubt you want to read about. Of course; if you are interested, you may always ask.