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Thank you so much for visiting Quay Matthew Films. I count it an honor to make videos and capture timeless memories for so many people. I am also very thankful that you have taken time to watch them and experience these beautiful moments with these couples.

There is something to be said about being able to go back and watch your wedding day again (or at least the highlights). It is quite fascinating to go back and remember the anticipation and excitement that you and your family had. It is endearing to get to relive all the precious moments of that big day.

If you have any questions, then let’s talk… preferably over coffee.


Well there was not really a defining moment that pushed me into making films. Rather; it was a lot of smaller moments. I was making youtube videos with my lovely wife Ellen (yes the super talented Ellen of Ellen Ashton Photography) and at the same time I was consuming tons of creative content on youtube.

I was also super interested in doing drone work. I was lucky enough to be surprised with a drone and from the first flight it became apparent that something was building inside me. A passion of sorts. Ellen saw the footage; and although shaky and obviously done by an amateur, she was kind and encouraged me to pursue it.

So I did. I wasn’t sure what pursuing it would look like. How could I turn these desires that had been stirring and culminating inside of me into something that would serve others by capturing some of life’s best moments?

Film. It hit me. I wanted to film meaningful, beautiful, cinematic, narrative films! I just had to do it. I had been watching Ellen do photography and capture stunning images and realized she was telling a story through her photos and so why could I not do the same with video?

That was the last push that made me realize I had been given an opportunity and gift from the Lord and that I needed to pursue what He had given me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!